Today was a very unsettling day for me. For an ephemeral moment I wanted nothing to get away. One of the hardest things is to say goodbye.

He was waiting to greet me this morning. Last week he was telling me about the cruise trip he made with his wife for their anniversary. Suddenly today he was saying goodbye. He is retiring next week. Moving on..

Change is hard but always inspiriting. I am moving.. towards a new quest. And memories can always be relieved by a click back to mespacehere. ;)

Thanks you all for sticking around.

Shoes I am in

I am a wealth of feelings these days.. excitement, gratitude, relief, happiness, wonder, restlessness to name a few. And somewhere a little sore to offset all the above. Let me not get on those tangents today.

This was planned to be a v-day post. As evidently it isn’t belated happy lover’s day to those who have taken up the celebrations. And the opposite others even if you aren’t up to anything spectacular, enjoy for yourself with some delicious food and good music. Like was mine.

In recent years celebrating valentine’s day has become such an overrated mania. I don’t know if it really deserves the truckload attention it has gathered among lovers. I really worry for people who come up with such outburst of love. And here another break through idea. Why do the younger dudes and dudettes feel so frivolous? Or do I already sound a generation older? :(


Well I am no anti love moron. But it is lot of wasted time and wasted emotions. For all not intending to offend lovers ..this is a nice presentation from Twitter engineer Raffi Krikorian.

None the less the silver lining was the valentine special vibes on the radio. I do pay my applause for the curtain call. All (meaning all) the songs were too good… call in dedications from lovers. :P

At the end the very much hoped-for personage (ref: pic) is here. My own one. I *did* buy myself a guitar. So here I am flaunting grandly. ;)

Lasting weekend creativity ;)

As promised, yesterday was a day devoted to Fish. Let me just sum up ..I am still recovering from the odors of our yesterday’s debacle.

The most hapless thing was inviting a friend, after hauling him with promises of an exciting meal (fish and carrots, doesn’t that sound exciting?). But he went completely regaled with a good evening if not good food. :D

Am I late with resolutions?

With today, it is exactly 17 days since I had nice home cooked meal. Making coffee is all what I do behind the stove. Considering the fact I enjoy cooking so much.. I shall honor myself to the pat I so deserve.

About time I gave back and made a change. So from now I am not only going to be cooking and eating regular but also cook something new and different every week. It is an earnest promise. And please do ask me on Mondays how did I fare with my bargain.


Currently I have imparted my reading to some deliberate neglect. So that makes an allowance for not rating so highly in books section too. ;)

Whatever ..I picked up The Selfish Gene yesterday for the second time. Just to reread a couple of things.

What is all so wrong being selfish? As a close parallel to genes, we are selfish too. Each one of us is selfish, which I guess is the good part. Perhaps that is the prime truth. I find it hard to believe in selflessness if something in those terms exists. But with selfishness people are rarely (hardly ever) considerate towards others, which I guess is the bad part. Is it?

Let’s have none

On the heels of yesterday’s news, I am not grieved or upset. I feel strange. My emotional slate is wiped clean. Deprived of a response. It is unfamiliar. :(

So this post might probably be nothing more than a dull sigh. Sigh!

Somehow the year beginning is so gloomy. It is like the initial months are jinxed to be dispiriting. Not sure if this is any recent acquired/yet unaware superstitious thing in me but I can’t seem to quite the small inner voice laying in wait for some mental distress. And the last two years stand to support my theory, superstitious or not. This year hasn’t been awe-inspiring either so far.

Yesterday my roomie told me, I am one untroubled person she has met. Words certainly fail me if I am asked to explain. It felt incredibly good though.

In future I should bear in mind to always plan my vacation or go home after Christmas.

little update

Counter to my reckon, yesterday turned out to be a very pleasing day with interesting company and 4 hours of chatty talk. :)

Everyone called. Surprising. Surprising not because they did that seldom (though I am speaking to two of them after 19 months) but I have grown out of expecting anything. Weird me. Perhaps some cosmic conspiracy which furtively read my wish to have everything back as it once was.

So here.. lots of hugs your way for making my day perfect. Umma. What else is love..

And a big thank you for whatever up there which brought it about.

For now have a pleasant weekend you all.

Another beginning

As is his wont with year end, Appa asked me my perception about 2009 yesterday. Here let me sneak my-year-in-review.

Revisiting the last 52 weeks,

  • work wise everything was good. Even if a pay hike would have been very much alluring, serves to say everything was more than good.
  • moving into an independent apartment was a significant transition (yes I am not enthusiastic about relocation). It was rather a new start with house huunntting, moovving, fiixxing, furrnniishing.
  • read a decent number of books and only hope the count keeps mounting instead the opposite way.
  • was a year devoted to movies/talks/documentaries particularly the latter half. Cinema saw a lot of me and popcorn. It shall this year too. :P
  • visited Spain and much of north-east Germany. 2010 could definitely see an upswing with traveling. :)
  • was in summer I got my diving license. I feel proud and fascinating. It will be a long wait till summer when I will dive again.
  • other interesting thing is learning salsa. I wish to accommodate some more this year. ;)
  • met lot of wonderful people and with them the valuable friendships.
  • as to emotional face, I had a fair share with being hurt and disappointed (to a good extent), angry and disgusted (surprisingly to a lesser extent).
  • wasn’t keeping to a very sound health in my opinion. :(
  • on the personal face, made the best out of my single years. Had been more outgoing and social. Now the dreaded ‘M’ word pops up everywhere.

It is another beginning ..of happiness, of hope, of learning, of love, of friends. Wish you an eventful 2010!


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